Top 30 2012

2012 Top 30
Denny Chan
Arman Liwanag
Alison Tominaga
Djae Borja
Michelle Fong
Bruce Aquino
Genevieve Galman
Charlyn Arellano
Leland Simpliciano
Charlene Ip
Sachin Shah
Jedrek Chua
Jacqueline Tran
Saaya Anzai
Katy Itani
Aaron Tso
Lilly Liem
Abigail Lee
Jennie Moon
Andrew Marco
Andrew Simmons
Cameron Joe
Jun Wang
Ro Urbino
Julie Vue
Nithin Jilla
Patrick Manh Le
traci ishigo
Kenny Azama
Narith Ta
Credits: Project by Elaine Won | Interviews by Kelli Shiroma | Photography by Sophia J. Chang & Narith Ta
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    Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month (APIHM) is hosted by the Asian Pacific Student Association at UCI and features various programs, workshops, and events that celebrate the APIA culture and address pertinent issues in the APIA community.

    Please refer to the tabs above for more details regarding each event.

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    Any inquiries regarding Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month can be directed to Programming Coordinators, Siamrath (Sam) Boonsakul and Alison Tominaga, at

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