1. If I’m singing a song, does the song need to be by an Asian Pacific-Islander (API) person AND talk about an API issue?

No – your act only needs to do one or the other, unless you are doing an original piece (i.e. you write a song or spoken word piece). It may be to your advantage to have a piece which does both, but ultimately, it is not necessary.

2. How would the requirements work for, say, a dance routine?

There are plenty of songs that are by API people that you can create choreography to (and has been done plenty of times in the past). This includes songs with and without lyrics (i.e. TOKiMONSTA, Nujabes, House Rulez, Aziatix, dumbfoundead, Jennifer Chung, Narai, 2NE1, API cultural beats, etc.). This is an educational experience for both the audience and you! You’ll be surprised to see the number of talented API artists trying to make their big break in the entertainment industry; think of this as a great way to show off your talent AND bring something new and creative to the plate.

3. Do I need to submit a video AND go to a live audition? Do I need to go to both live auditions?

No, you are only required to go to ONE live audition OR submit a video audition in the case that the live auditions will be unable to accommodate your set/talent, does not fit your schedule(s), etc. We are providing two live audition dates so that we can accommodate for as many schedules as possible. Submitting a video audition does not hurt your chances. However, we require that you upload it to Vimeo or Youtube for easy access for the judges and that the video is high enough quality to hear or see your talent properly. If the audition coordinators are unable to see your video properly, they will request a new video.

4. Do I need to audition with the actual song / set that we will be using for the competition?

Yes and no. Your initial audition does not require you to fit the guidelines in terms of using API music in the case that you still need time to create your set. We understand everyone has their personal life to attend to and it may result in a lack of time to prepare something unique that fits the guidelines (i.e. if writing a song, create a set). However, we HIGHLY encourage you to prepare your final set so that the judges can see the work in progress. If you do not audition with something that fits the guidelines the audition coordinators will follow-up with you for your final set in the case that you are called back.

5. Do I have to be of Asian Pacific-Islander descent to audition or submit art?

Yes, as this talent-art show is meant to promote Asian-Pacific Islander talent, music, and art. Exceptions are given in groups, where half or a majority of the group must be of full or partial Asian Pacific-Islander descent (and identify as API). The reason for this is because ACYD is a showcase for Asian American and Pacific Islander talent!


1. Will there be a meet and greet with the judges?



    Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month (APIHM) is hosted by the Asian Pacific Student Association at UCI and features various programs, workshops, and events that celebrate the APIA culture and address pertinent issues in the APIA community.

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    Any inquiries regarding Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month can be directed to Programming Coordinators, Siamrath (Sam) Boonsakul and Alison Tominaga, at apsa.programming@gmail.com


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