TOP 30: Denny Chan

Meet Denny Chan, a recent law school graduate who hopes to take his organizing experience, knowledge about the law, and passion for social justice to be a strong advocate for the Asian American community.

TOP 30: Arman Liwanag

Meet Arman Liwanag, a fierce organizer who mobilizes the Filipino and People of Color community with his passion for social justice.

TOP 30: Alison Tominaga

Meet Alison Tominaga, a storyteller who seeks to bridge people through language, culture, and community engagement.

TOP 30: Djae Borja

Meet Djae Borja, who uses her passion for learning to empower others through culture.

TOP 30: Michelle Fong

Meet Michelle Fong, who is seeking a career in the juvenile justice system, and as the current president of Alpha Phi Omega, hopes to provide others the opportunity to give back to the community and inspire others.

TOP 30: Bruce Aquino

Meet Bruce Aquino, a proud Anteater who spreads his passion for involvement and service to others through singing, being a part of the housing community, and developing the future of student affairs.

TOP 30: Genevieve Galman

Meet Genevieve Galman, an advocate for underprivileged communities, especially children, who hopes to empower others to give back through community service.

TOP 30: Charlyn Arellano

Meet Charlyn Arellano, the current Academic Affairs VP who strives to provide equal opportunity and access for all to obtain a quality and affordable education.

TOP 30: Leland Simpliciano

Meet Leland Simpliciano, who strives to provide more opportunities in education through college retention and increasing transfer rates.

TOP 30: Charlene Ip

Meet Charlene Ip, a spirited Anteater with a passion for involvement and helping others.


    Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month (APIHM) is hosted by the Asian Pacific Student Association at UCI and features various programs, workshops, and events that celebrate the APIA culture and address pertinent issues in the APIA community.

    Please refer to the tabs above for more details regarding each event.

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    Any inquiries regarding Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month can be directed to Programming Coordinators, Siamrath (Sam) Boonsakul and Alison Tominaga, at