TOP 30: Ro Urbino

Roneil Urbino
Major: Biological Sciences
Year: 3rd
Hometown: San Francisco
In One Word: Goofy
Roneil Urbino is dedicated to not only connecting with his own culture, but also to bringing together other cultures as well. He strives to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable around him, and this welcoming personality resonates to those who he meets.
Roneil wants to become a physical therapist. He is planning to take a year off to get some experience and fill some prereqs, before going to grad school.
A friend of Roneil says that “Ro is such a positive force to everyone he meets. His fun-loving and goofy nature makes him loved by everyone while his passion for the Pilipino-American community and other people of color make him a strong ally and advocate for justice.”
KS: What have you accomplished here on campus, and what do you hope to accomplish?
RU: During my second year, I was on Kababayan board as a cultural coordinator. During my first year, I was part of alternative spring break. Now I’m the current Alyansa chair. When I came to campus, what I wanted to accomplish was getting closer to my culture. I was really active in Kababayan, and I still am. I wanted to speak the Filipino language, Tagalog. Because I got into Kaba, that desire to getting closer to my culture branched out to getting closer with other multicultural organizations, learning about ethnic studies, or just being all around closer to the Cross Cultural Center. And in that aspect, what I really want to accomplish is to be involved with Kababayan next year to bring everybody closer together, especially the first years coming in, so we have a good family aspect. In college, a lot of people just want to belong somewhere, and I want to make sure I can bring that to the people. I think it’s cool because I’m doing this all as a bio major. Sometimes we don’t see the correlation between the Cross Cultural Center and bio, and having them both balances out the two.
KS: How have you been involved with the Asian Pacific Islander American community?
RU: With Kababayan, I was one of the people in charge of Pilipino American History Month, or PAHM. Basically, it highlighted October, which is Pilipino American History Month, where we showcase different things, focusing more on building our foundation and realizing our roots, in order to know what’s really important. I’m really concerned about if Filipino people will keep the language alive as we grow up. For Alyansa, I want all  the Alyansa organizations – FUSION, PASS, PUSO, and Kababayan to be closer together, and essentially bring together the Filipino community as well. I wanted to be the face that pushed everybody to intermingle with each other and help support each other. We also have Justice for Filipino American Veterans. We advocate for Filipino veterans to receive their rights from World War 2, where they fought for America, and they still haven’t received their rights now.
KS: Who or what do you feel has been the biggest influence on you?
RU: I met Jedrek Dineros on Kababayan board my second year. We became really close friends on board, and we continue to be really close friends today. He’s really an inspirational person. He’s a humble person, but he achieves a lot. He’s always kind to people around him, and a fun guy to be around. He goes out of his way to make sure other people are having a good time, and he’s very knowledgeable about all the resources on campus. If I wanted to know where something was on campus, I could just ask him,, Hey Jedrek where’s this on campus?” He’s that kind of guy, and he’s just a really good friend.
KS: What are you most passionate about?
RU: I’m passionate about helping others, making others feel welcome, and making sure that they feel comfortable and that they belong. Other than that, I’m passionate about anything that has to do with basketball, and I’m really into music.
KS: What punctuation mark describes your personality?
RU: An exclamation point…. and a question mark afterwards. An exclamation point because I’m a really goofy person. I’m excited and happy. A question mark because I can sometimes be awkward. Mixing those two together just brings out ….me. I can’t have good jokes, but I can make things awkward and make people laugh.

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