TOP 30: Narith Ta

Narith Ta
Major: East Asian Studies
Year: 3rd year
Age: 21
Hometown: West Covina
Narith in one word: Eccentric

Despite coming from a community with a relatively low Asian American student population, Narith Ta has shown incredible interest in Asian American languages and cultures, particularly Korean. Being in Irvine has given him a greater sense of what being Asian American truly is, and how he values it.

He has taken up leadership positions for the Korean cultural awareness organization, Konnect, and also volunteers much of his time to photograph campus or club events. He is often noted for his diligence as well as proactiveness and willingness in outreaching to different communities than his own.

As an East Asian Studies major, Narith hopes to find work in Korea, or attend grad school in Korean studies.

His unique personality is described by a friend of Narith’s as “one-of-a-kind, one that is very caring, thoughtful, and hilariously funny.” His friend also adds that “he has definitely been able to influence everyone he has met…and has the ability to easily make friends with anybody.” Another one of his friends adds that “his spontaneity and energy make it so there is never a dull moment”, and both friends emphasized one statement – that Narith is friends with everyone.

KS: Who or what do you feel is the biggest influence on you?

NT: I don’t want to sound cliche, and say my parents, but they did influence me in my career path that I’ve chosen…They’re first generation Americans, and they really showed me how success is something that for them was hard to achieve, but for me it’s [an opportunity], so I really need to take it. They showed that I should pursue what I really like, especially because I’m a humanities major, even though they’d prefer me to be a science or math major. And even though they’re the type of parents that would object to what I kind of want to do, they understand, because I am American. As for more of the circle of who I actually know in person, I would say people like Elaine (Won) because she’s so driven; it makes me feel like I should pursue humanitarian work.

KS: What are you most passionate about, or what is your passion?

NT: If I were to choose one thing that I am absolutely passionate about, it is my love to learn other languages. I really enjoy learning Korean especially. Though it is difficult, I find that I am getting better at things that I definitely had trouble with understanding before. As this ability to gain a better fluency in Korean is part of my career goals, I hope that it will lead me into a career that I not only love, but will not regret doing.

KS: What have you accomplished here on campus, and what do you hope to accomplish?

NT: I never really considered how much I contributed to the campus, much less accomplished, but out of all things I think that I have accomplished being able to be part of a club (Konnect) which brings people of similar interests together. I have always desired to be part of the many amazing students I have met on campus who have done a great deal of work to bring the community together. I hope that through my contribution with my photography and Konnect, I have been able to help spread awareness for many student organizations and events.

KS: How have you been involved with the Asian Pacific Islander community?

NT: Hmm… Since returning from Korea my freshman year, I have started to get more and more into photography and not only that but it has grown to be one of my favorite hobbies. As so, I have also wanted to be able to take part in photographing many events including API related events, culture nights, and photos for different boards. As I am an amateur photographer, I really enjoy these opportunities to use photography to convey what these different events and people want to convey for their club. I take these photos not just to improve my skills, but to also publicize and show people what amazing work API students can put together and create.

KS: What’s something interesting about yourself?

NT: I like to clean.

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